Mission and Objectives

Our Mission

The purpose of Priority Placements, Inc. is to provide safe, positive, and predictable outcomes to distressed children and adolescents in need of an educational placement in the Windham County catchment area and beyond. When a student is suddenly unable to access his/her public education (due to a variety of factors) school administrators and special education case managers, as well as parents and caregivers, need a well-managed and effective placement for the student who is in need of rapid and reliable educational and social support services. This program is designed, staffed and managed in order to provide a high degree of professional supervision and stabilization, appropriate academic courses, beneficial social development activities, and crisis prevention.  The purpose of this intensive planning and implementation is so that the student, school team, family members, and other involved parties are not struggling with repeated placement disruptions. Providing a calming and structured placement for distressed youth, along with well-conceived and accessible educational services, allows for more comprehensive assessment, planning and reintegration efforts to occur. Through active involvement with each team, we support the objective of successful reintegration of students by providing partial day options, student transportation/visits to and from the public schools, along with troubleshooting/maintaining the momentum of the reintegration plan. However, there are some students that may benefit from a longer-term educational placement and we are able to support students in this way as well.        

Our School Objectives

We ensure we meet students where they are academically; we differentiate instruction for all students as needed; and we work to increase skills, confidence, and strategies to move forward with success.

We work toward growth with academic capacity and self-confidence, allowing each student to achieve success when re-integrating into other educational opportunities.

We work to re-engage students with academics using a wide variety of curriculum, topics of interest, and project- based learning.  Embracing Common Core allows teachers to reach students with varied areas of interest. 

We work to have all students find ownership and excitement with their academic attempts and progress.  Successes are not ignored but are embraced and acknowledged whole-heartedly by staff to encourage students to be life-long learners.

We always strive to have all students practicing socially acceptable behaviors in the classroom and community with peers and teachers. Clarity regarding expectations and follow-through with each student is required of all staff in order to obtain optimum results for every student.  

We keep social-emotional health is at the forefront of all our planning for students inside and outside the classroom.  

We ensure that students are instructed and learn necessary skills for academic success, but also social and life skills which are necessary to function successfully in real-world situations. 

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