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Social Studies Sequence
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Social Studies
This course will cover aspects of US History, US and World Geography and Culture, and focus on current events. The class {intends} to build upon students’ natural curiosity {about} the world! This course will prepare students with what they need to go into a deeper study of these areas in the courses to come.

*Typically for 7th/8th grade students*

Human Geography
1 semester
A study of people and their communities, cultures, economies, and interactions with the environment. An emphasis will be placed on learning political geography so that students have a clear picture of where they are in their country and the world. Classwork supplemented by online resources and virtual tours of major cities and landmarks.
United States History
2 semesters

Part 1 – Founding to 1945 – A study of the founding of the country, the slave trade, the civil war and its aftermath, and the two world wars. (1 Semester)

Part 2 – 1945 to the Present – The post war era and how current events and politics are shaped by the past. (1 Semester)

World History
2 semesters

Part 1 – Ancient History to the Reformation (1 Semester)

Part 2 – The Industrial Revolution to the Present (1 Semester)

A study of major events in world history.

Current Events
1 semester (Elective)
Daily discussion of current events, examination of trends, and using statistics and research to predict future trends and events.
Archaeology Supplement
As a supplement to their regular social studies class, during the last two months of the school year students will participate in an archaeological dig on campus and study of historical artifacts found.

‘Foundations of’ will appear before a social studies course that is taken by any student that cannot fully meet general education requirements, but will be introduced to all major topics, vocabulary, and more.

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