Science Sequence

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Science Sequence
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General Science
This course covers various aspects of earth, geology, meteorology, chemistry, physics and biology topics. Students will have a strong knowledge base when completed and will feel confident taking a deeper dive into science as they progress onward.

*Typically for 7th/8th grade students*

Earth and Space Science
2 semesters

Part 1 – Geology and oceanography (1 Semester)

Part 2 – Meteorology and astronomy (1 Semester)

Classwork supplemented with walking studies of local geology and the use of online satellite data sets to study meteorology and climate change.

2 semesters

Part 1 – Organization and classification of living things, ecology, evolution (1 Semester)

Part 2 – Human anatomy, reproduction and development, health and nutrition, genetics (1 Semester)

Classwork supplemented with field sample collection, microscopic studies, and the use of virtual tools to study anatomy in a 3D environment.

1 semester
Mechanics and motion, electricity and magnetism, light and optics, fluids and thermodynamics. Concepts reinforced with hands on projects including building machines and electrical circuits.
Introduction to Chemistry
1 semester
Atomic structure, molecular structure, chemical bonding, and using mathematics in chemistry. Classwork supplemented with chemical reaction demonstrations and virtual laboratory simulations.
Computer Science
1 semester (Elective)
Study of computer hardware and software systems. Introduction to programming by writing and coding a text adventure (optional tie in with English class). Building and programming Arduino based electronic circuits.
Scientific Process
1 semester (Elective)
In this class students will learn, in detail, about the scientific process and will work to create their own science fair project by the end of the semester. Students will engage in ‘mythbuster’ fashion analysis and work!

‘Foundations of’ will appear before a science course that is taken by any student that cannot fully meet general education requirements, but will be introduced to all major topics, vocabulary, and more.

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