Fine Arts, Health, and Physical Education

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Middle and High School

Fine Arts, Health, and Physical Education
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Art Elements, Design, and Exploration
Students will learn art vocabulary, explore well-known works of art throughout time, and research and examine buildings, sculptures and world wonders! Students will take part in field trips to enhance learning and will practice basic art skills as presented by online video resources.

*Typically for 7th/8th grade students*

Art History and Concepts: Part 1 and Part II
2 semesters
Life stories and artistic accomplishments of various great painters and sculptors will be explored covering time periods including the Renaissance, 18th century, Impressionism, 20th and 21st century. Students will come to appreciate the artists{’} personal struggles and successes, along with their greatest works and an understanding of major art movements. Specific art practices will be reviewed and activities completed. Field trips will be scheduled to support this coursework.
Health and Fitness

Students will build knowledge and skills enabling them to lead a healthy lifestyle in regards to physical, mental, and social/emotional health. Course will cover health fundamentals including hygiene, healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, safety, and bullying prevention.

*Typically for 7th/8th grade students*

Physical Education I
1 semester
Students will participate and develop skills in a wide variety of activities including individual and team sports, outdoor recreation, yoga and meditation. Course is designed to meet the National Standards for 9th-12th Grade Physical Education and focuses on psycho-motor, cognitive, and affective skill building.
Physical Education II
1 semester
Students will participate in a wide variety of activities that promote physical fitness, personal well-being, and encourage lifelong physical activity. Course is designed to improve aspects of well-being including cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, body composition, and mental health.
Topics in Health
1 semester
Students will receive instruction in Health Education according to the Vermont Comprehensive Health Education Program. Topics include nutrition, fitness and exercise, CPR/First Aid, infectious disease, smoking, substance use, human sexuality, and suicide prevention.
Health and Society
1 semester
In addition to individual health, students will explore ways they can have a positive impact on the overall health of others and the community they live in.

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