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Foods and Nutrition
1 semester
Learning about food and healthy nutrition while preparing meals, creating grocery lists, shopping on a budget, and maintaining a kitchen. Hands-on learning along with readings, exploration of foods and completion of projects will round out this course.
Community Exploration
1 semester
This course has the students creating plans to investigate their community and beyond. Students take time to explore all the pieces of a community that keep it running while also taking time to explore places of work and leisure. Meet and greets with local officials and opportunity to get a library card, take a class off site, and more can be designed! Community service will be completed.
Life Skills- Daily Living Habits
1 semester
This life skills course focuses on how to take care of yourself, your home, and has a project focused on how to create and stick to a budget in order to provide for yourself.
Life Skills- Strategies for Success
1 semester
A strong understanding of yourself and how you manage your emotions, reactions, and stressors is what leads to success in life. Students will learn various coping strategies and have an understanding of how they can control their responses to what life throws their way!
Life Skills- Career Education
1 semester
This course has the student exploring career inventories and spending time investigating their areas of interest. Students will learn various job skills which includes how to fill out an application, make phone calls, and interview successfully. Field trips to explore places of employment will occur.

*Can be taken for a second semester with a plan in place for job experiences. Students will continue to practice career skills and document their learning.

Social Skills
1 semester
This class is taught in large and small groups. Students constantly practice, with teacher support, how to actively listen, communicate, and engage with those around them. Exercises and opportunities for skill building occur in class and throughout the day. Students will learn about expected social behaviors in various settings.

All students are enrolled in this course every semester- unless participating in sending school courses that leaves the student unavailable.

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