Priority Placements Course of Study

Our K-6 program offers Literacy (reading and writing), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. We offer physical education, health and wellness, and art explorations throughout the week. We teach life skills and social skills during assigned times and throughout each and every moment of the day! We plan numerous community experiences and field trips during the year (physical activities, museums, plays, etc.).

Our high school students take courses to help them meet their graduation requirements from their sending schools. This can include support with completing senior projects, help finding and completing community service opportunities, etc. Please see our course guide for more information on course offerings at this level. Community outings and field trips are essential with this age bracket as well!

Our curriculum and planning is guided by Common Core Standards, which allows us great flexibility in reaching every student where they are at.

This course of study presents possible courses offered at Priority Placements for the coming year for students in grades 7-12. Students are placed in courses that are most appropriate for their academic abilities. Courses can be adjusted as needed, but primarily follow this guide.
PP - Priority Placements believe in the holistic development of the students
Holistic development of the students

Graduation Requirements for High School Students

Priority Placement’s missions are centered around helping students meet or exceed requirements necessary to graduate through their sending school. It is important that students are able to maintain their connections with their schools while placed with us, and the achievement of meeting goals set by their public schools is one of the best ways! Our credit earning has been created to help with the systematic process of aligning our credits with the sending schools’ credits.

Total Credits Required: 98

In the rare circumstance that a student is unable to graduate
through their sending school we will issue a diploma based on the following requirements:

16 credits
12 credits
Social Studies
12 credits
12 credits
Fine Arts
4 credits
Physical Education
4 credits
4 credits
34 credits
Elective courses are taken after the required courses are completed or
by Director/team decision with a plan in place to finish required courses in the coming semester/year.

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